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The comparison of Ayrton Senna with Alexander the Great imposed itself to me spontaneously. Decide for yourself how justified it is according to this description of Alexander the Greatís personality by Greek writer Arrianos (cca 100 A.D.).




Alexandros died in 114. Olympics (13. 6. 323 B.C.) when Hegesias was the archon in Athens . He lived for 32 years and in the next year for 8 months according to Aristoboulos. He was king for 12 years and 8 months. He was well built, very persistent, bright and adroit, extremely brave and ambitious, he loved danger most of all things and he especially cared for gods. He was absolutely reserved in corporal pleasures and from the spiritual ones he was only craving for fame. He was able to realise with precision what should be done also in extremely ambiguous situations and he could correctly deduce probable consequences of the current situation. With outstanding understanding of things he introduced in his army perfect organisation, arms and discipline. He was a true master in how he was able to raise the morals of his soldiers, to fill them with hope and to breath their own courage into them. In each situation which called for immediate reaction he was extremely determined. He would use a situation which offered advantage in battles so rapidly that the enemies found themselves helpless.

He abode with his contracts and his duties to the last consequence but nevertheless he was extremely careful not to be taken by surprise. For his own needs and fun he didnít spend at all but his generosity didnít have limits when it came to his friends.